“Liza Rickard delivered everything she promised. Our customer retention levels are at an all-time high.”

We monitors Key Performance Indicators at timed intervals, adjusting strategies as needed to make your company successful.


Business Consulting




OUR CONSULTANTS and Team Members come from EVERY walk of life 

We are always looking for new talent.  Whether you hold your Doctorate, have completed a Masters, or are in process of finishing at the educational level you desire, we have Opportunities for you.  FOR OUR CLIENTS:  Our professional consultants have incredible talents, ability, and expertise to grow your business. We HIRE the best to GIVE our best! 


Free Support

"Liza has been an inspiration not only to me personally, but to those who partner in my team.  I am grateful for her leadership, patience, and ability to simplify marketing systems for my business."  Tim K.


With Executive and Corporate 'buy-in', We oversee the implementation of new platforms and practices from start to finish.


MaryAnn M

Leidos  Solutions

We identify new technology, training, and innovative processes to take your teams, companies, and Personnel goals to the next level. 

 Business Structure/ Design

Online/Offline Mktg

Fast Start Mkt training


Subcontract work for Mktg. and


Free preliminary Mktg audits

Strategy and concept Design

Implementation of new Concepts and markets

Life Cycle of Business/Business Consulting

​Master/Life Coaching

We use surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive service audit on your business and how your organization works and networks.

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