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"It has been said, the books we read, where we spend our money, and the relationships we keep, determines who we are and what we become.  My partners matter. Over the past 25+ years, I have worked with incredible people who have truly desired to better themselves. Together we have teamed up to create systems which have simplified overall finances, our families, and countless lives around the world.   I am proud to share success with our latest team of Entrepreneurs who are creating lives of their dreams.  There is NOTHING more rewarding than leading new businesses and people to success. When the tide rises, so do ALL the boats.  When people collaborate, grow their minds, change, and apply new simple strategies, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!" Liza Rickard  

Liza, her husband, and three children currently reside in Greater Washington DC. As an internationally recognized wealth trainer, Speaker, and Coach, she has helped thousands explode online organizations around the world at an executive business level. For over 25+ years, she has taught scores of people how to make secondary sources of income by working flexible hours and utilizing the massive expansion of online/offline sales/marketing. Learn HOW to train and USE the power of a franchise-like system without generating the high start-up fees.  As a Certified National Trainer and a Start-up Consultant for Business owners, she personally owns and operates successful companies, as well as contracts with other accomplished businesses, helping them achieve their goals in today's competitive market place.